Our Product


Digital Media

The Page Planner unique value proposition is a digital media services platform for preparing, delivering, and displaying content using Content Management System. It allows users to manage the content for their viewers. The Page Planner also provides delivery network services for site acceleration; and distributed cloud storage solutions. We also manage dynamic and large assets repositories coordinate content production workflows, targeted content publishing on web sites, mobile devices, apps and print products.

Contributor Tool

The Page Planner contributor tool helps user to keep their content unique, fresh and valuable. Out tool scans through existing content when a user starts creating a post this makes easy to discover solutions and to reduce the duplicate content

Benefits of Our Tool

Any device

Easy to use

Any Content

All Channels

Digital Asset Management

The Page Planner Provides best Digital Asset Management service. The Page Planner offers Digital Asset Management as Scalable solution with elasticsearch a multitenant-capable full-text search engine. This solution helps those who need to gain control of their digital assets. It also helps users to enable to locate, manage, collaborate and distribute their assets.

Planning and Production

The Page Planner is helping companies by providing solution to print over many years. Our Rich Editioning tool helps clients by handling the most complex edition schemes. It manages content and page layout inheritance between editions that might have different regional, timing or channel scope.

Advertising Workflow

The Page Planner provides fully integrated Advertising solution with the tools to help manage your advertising business, from lead generation to revenue collection.

We do Advertising in Enterprise and Sales Command

Enterprise Advertising : This is powerful and flexible tool for media companies that help to manage the digital, classified and display advertising markets.

Sales Command : This is a Fast and efficient management advertising tool, this best suited for media sector. This fully integrated advertising tool helps in generating leads across various platforms.